The project „Understanding Saving in Europe (USAVE)“ develops online courses, which allow participants from two different target groups to acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies in the field of life-cycle saving and investment. One course is targeted at the general public, and requires no specific prior knowledge. The other online course is targeted at students of finance, economics, or related disciplines at higher education institutions. Both courses can be taken free of charge, whenever participants have the time to do so, at the participants‘ own pace. Both courses will be supplemented by online software applications, which can be used to carry out calculations without the need to spend a lot of time on understanding the formulas in the background (course 1, targeted at the general public), or the need to spend a lot of time on coding (course 2, targeted at students). The main goals of both courses are to improve the participants‘ understanding of long-term personal finance decisions and to equip them with the competencies that are necessary to set up and periodically revise/improve their own life-cycle financial planning. The second course (targeted at students) digs deeper and discusses also the theoretical underpinnings, methods, and formulas behind the concepts and online apps provided.